Create author profile goodreads giveaways

Create author profile goodreads giveaways

Here you'll find your stats, Ask the Author questions, giveaways you've listed, and These guidelines are presented to help make sure Goodreads' reviews. Taking Control of Your Author Profile. Run a giveaway, connect your blog, advertise your books—the Goodreads Author Program gives you Sign in or create an account, and then search for your most popular book via ISBN, ASIN, or title. As an author, you are probably wondering how you can make use of this popular site. 1. First sign Clicking on your name takes you to your basic author profile page. Goodreads charges a fee of $ for Kindle giveaways.

Benefits of Claiming Your Profile Page

Or offering ONE book for a Goodreads giveaway. This page has detailed instructions that will walk you step by step through the setup process. Feb 26, I generally get about to entries per book. The low cost of their ads combined with the huge number of readers make Goodreads an advertising platform that may be worthwhile. To do this, search for yourself and click on your published author name. I sent out a dozen books to prospective reviewers who accepted my advance Create author profile goodreads giveaways and never got one review.

Create author profile goodreads giveaways -

Oct 18, In the beginning I also offered 5 books with no noticeable change in the amount of entries, so now I generally do 2 copies for a giveaway. Jean, you should announce it on all of your social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

What it costs will come back many times over if the book is worthy. Yes, you have complete control over the countries offered and get to choose from a drop-down list when you set it up. I generally get about to entries per book.

As a Senior Editor at TCK Publishing, Jacob Mohr relishes the opportunity to work closely with the authors of tomorrow, creating new stories and exciting possibilities—and making the world a little more awesome, one book at a time.

Promoting your work as an litt�rateur can be a lot of fun—and and may seem overwhelming! This page provides you with an overview of resources elbow to Goodreads Authors. Not a Goodreads Author yet? Join the Goodreads Author Program. Your Goodreads Author Dashboard is your initial launch pad for all your marketing needs. Bookmark the identify with to your Goodreads Author Dashboard for easy navigation, or discern it by your account settings. Sign up for the Goodreads Author newsletter via your subscription settings here.

Learn how to have the best possible sustain on Goodreads. Of course, if you're ever in doubt close by whether something is a positive idea, or appropriate, you are welcome to contact us.

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Seeing my profile on goodreads as an author-1st time!

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  1. G oodreads is one of the most powerful social networks for authors looking to connect with readers.

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