Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways

Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways

Shelving books -- Goodreads (Shelfari sucks in combining all books and displaying one thumbnail Book giveaways (international) -- everyone fails here. You can easily import your books from LibraryThing, Delicious Library, Shelfari, and many other book cataloging sites. First, you'll need to export you. Seeing Shelfari, a virtual bookshelf-sharing site for book-lovers, on the list, it would be merging Shelfari with Goodreads and closing down Shelfari. trivia and quiz games, popular quotations, booklists, and free giveaways.

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I only go on Shelfari for the group discussions. Could you help me? It's easier to use, navigate, easier to contribute to and even more visually attractive. A new Iphone app that is like a combination of instagram and goodreads. I don't know Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways they are going to get out of this pol.

I imported all my books from Shelfari but my account is still listed as free, not lifetime. Could that happen in the future with GoodReads?

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Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways

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Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways


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Shelfari merging with goodreads giveaways -

Like Liked by 1 person. Is there any way for me to retrieve it? I agree with others that I do not know what the purpose of this poll is but it is obviously going to be highly skewed toward people who use and enjoy GoodReads. Feel free to email me loranne librarything. Without that, I'm stuck with Shelfari forever: I love the details you can keep track of for the books, how easy it is to add your own covers and to customize your individual copy of the book.

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  1. Amazon, which owns both Goodreads and Shelfari, has decided that it no longer cares to maintain Shelfari.

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  3. Now you can import your Shelfari library, and receive an automatic upgrade to a free lifetime LibraryThing account!

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