Sunny deol ghayal returns promotional giveaways

Sunny deol ghayal returns promotional giveaways

Sunny Deol during the promotion of Bollywood film Ghayal Once Again at Box Cricket League in Mumbai on January 31, (Pics: Viral. Ghayal Once Again is a Indian action drama film written and directed by The sequel to the film Ghayal stars Sunny Deol in the lead role. . hands with Sunny and require substantial time for more promotions" (Tweet) – via Twitter. Ghayal Once Again () on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. With this it seems like Sunny Deol is all set to capture the big screen once again with the film scheduled to go on floors in June. Good cost and packaging by Balki and smart marketing and release by Balki has ensured that the film . Related Items. Sunny deol ghayal returns promotional giveaways

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Actor Sunny Deol During the Promotion Movie Ghayal Once Again

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