Xd001s giveaways

Xd001s giveaways

xds-giveaways: For today's second Flash giveaway, we've got a shiny Druddigon! Rules: Deposit a Plusle or Minun (depending on which. xds-giveaways: “ It's time for Rare Ball Sunday! Each Pokemon vary in iv's and ability, but they're all female (except for Nidoran (M) of course)! In the poll. We are the Oprah Winfrey of giveaways. Ashley (from xds-giveaways) IGN: Ashley; Message: XD'S WTW/XD'SWonderTag; Shadow (from.
  • Notice: I have been pretty busy so I don't have much...
  • I thought about a bunch of different Pokemon I could give away for reaching this milestone,...
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  • xds-giveaways: For today's second Flash giveaway, we've got a shiny Druddigon! Rules: Deposit a...
  • xds-giveaways: xds-giveaways: For
  • We are the Oprah Winfrey of giveaways. Ashley (from xds-giveaways) IGN: Ashley; Message: XD'S WTW/XD'SWonderTag; Shadow (from.

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Pokemon Platinum - Free Pokemon Give Away (Shadow Lugia??) Xd001s giveaways

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Be sure to send Xd001s giveaways good Pokemon! Spookymon Tota from wurmplewonders IGN: On Sunday, we posted a scavenger hunt list! I will Xd001s giveaways to do giveaways whenever i have a chance The name is Ashley and I'm the only one running this giveaway blog.

I missed out on it last month. Last week Cass of mossyrockgiveaways won the WonderTag poll, so they got to pick the Pokemon we want to see flood wonder trade this Xd001s giveaways

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Xd001s giveaways -

Any time you wonder trade this week, look out for Pokemon that fit the categories on the list. If you complete your list, you get a special prize, and if you submit a list, even one that is incomplete, you get rare candies for each category completed!

Get some Plusle and Minun ready! Starting at 12am EDT, there will be four six hour periods! Last week Mads of gyrad0s won the WonderTag poll, so they got to pick the Pokemon we want to see flood wonder trade this week!

: Xd001s giveaways

The glittering prizes castorama 82
Xd001s giveaways

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Xd001s giveaways 101

Xd001s giveaways -

Currently open for Rare Ball Trades! I love doing giveaways, so I hope you will enjoy them! Tota from wurmplewonders IGN: Make sure you accept the trade offer quickly, because each admin is only required to wait for three minutes for you to respond! Time to start another session of Wonder Tag!

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